12 March 2009

an even more blatant rip-off post

than this one.

it's the all-jim team. note: my first name is not jim, but it's what i go by (my middle name is james).

we'll start with the bench. it doesn't get much better than a guy who shares your name.
no, that's not billy bob thornton. jimmie hall was third in the al rookie of the year voting in 1963. he hit 33 home runs for the twins that year - then a rookie record.

now on to the position players.
c jim sundberg - a solid catcher, won 6 consecutive gold gloves and a world series ring with the 1985 kansas city royals.

1b jimmie foxx
hall of famer, 3-time mvp, 534 home runs. he even pitched in 9 games in his final season, winning one with an era of 1.59!

2b jim gilliam
the 1953 rookie of the year, a 2-time all star, 4-time world series champion, and is the only non hall of famer to have his number retired by the dodgers. plus, he rarely struck out.

ss jim fregosi - could handle manager duties as well, i guess. he was a 6-time all star, won a gold glove at short in 1967 and was traded for nolan ryan.

3b jim lefebvre
another manager candidate. the 1965 rookie of the year and 1966 allstar was my dad's favorite player. nuff said.

of jim rice
hall of famer. he finished with 6 top 5 mvp seasons, winning the award once. the 8 time allstar was apparently a greatly feared hitter, as that's what many of his hall of fame proponents seemed to say.

of jim edmonds - has won 10 gold gloves and likes to dive for balls. so much so that some have said he plays deep to maximize diving opportunities.

of jimmy wynn
the toy cannon had 291 career home runs and 225 career stolen bases. he was a 3-time allstar and made a case for being the 1974 nl mvp

dh jim thome
has 541 home runs and is a 5-time allstar. plus, he's only about 3 months older than me!

and the pitchers:
sp jim palmer hall of famer, 3 cy youngs, 4-time world series champion, 268 wins, 2.86 era. and an underwear model back in the day.

sp jim bunning - hall of famer, 7-time allstar, 2855 strikeouts. pitched briefly for the dodgers in 1969 and is now a senator.

sp jim 'catfish' hunter
this team has some great nicknames. hall of famer, 8-time allstar, 5-time world series champion (including 3 at the expense of the dodgers), 4 top 5 cy young seasons winning the award once.

sp jim lonborg
1967 cy young winner, started 3 games for boston in the 1967 world series. unfortunately for them, he liked to ski. retired and became a dentist.

sp jim kaat
kitty. another nice nickname. 283 wins, 1 world series championship and one of the best fielding pitchers ever - 16 consecutive gold gloves.

rp jim brewer
132 career saves (125 with the dodgers from 1964 to 1975).

rp jim konstanty
1950 nl mvp as a reliever! won 16 games and saved 22 for the phillies, all in relief. nice glasses.

rp jim gott
91 career saves including 34 in 1988 with pittsburgh. spent 5 years with the dodgers before returning to the pirates.

rp jim morris - they made a disney movie about this guy! he's got to be in. he also was a member of the dodgers organization for a short time. i thought i had a card with him in the dodger uniform but couldn't find it.

there are plenty of other jims out there who would have contributed to this team, and i salute them all. jims of the world, unite!


Unknown said...

very strong team you got there "Jim" . . .

Billy Suter said...

You've got my pitching staff beat, that's for sure.

--David said...

Very cool! Great team! I need to rip off the ripoff and do an 'All Dave' team!

Matt Runyon said...

Nice looking team. I'll have to do one for my name. I know it wouldn't be as good as the "all-Jim" team.