31 March 2009

a bicentennial reader donation

reader mike contacted me a while back with an offer to assist with my want list. he has collected all of the dodger cards since 1952, and had some extras as a result of upgrading his collection. he was kind enough to send some 1976 topps for my set:

dodgers team card/walt alston walt's last appearance - he retired just before the end of the 76 season. this is one of the few dodger team cards that does not feature garvey in the front row. i guess they had some other short players in 1975.

john hale. here's a guy i really don't know much about. i started following the dodgers late in 1977, and i don't think hale made the postseason roster. i do know he also played for seattle because his 1978 topps card was an airbrush job. had they left him as a dodger for that set, i would be able to quote his stats verbatim. it is worth noting that he sports a very nice 'magnum pi' mustache on his 1977 card.

don sutton. i saw sutton pitch quite a bit, and we even ran into him at disneyland once. for two years, the don sutton celebrity golf tournament was held in my home town. i think sutton showed up once. anyway, i respect the talent but i sure didn't think he would be the only hall of famer from these teams.

steve yeager. another nice shot of his neck, although this picture was taken before his esophageal injury. perhaps the only player to ever appear on solid gold and in playgirl magazine. a true renaissance man.

thanks mike!

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