14 April 2015

a complete run of jackie

behold! my latest jackie robinson acquisition - a 1953 topps card
which is also number 1 in the set
i've always liked this card, but only in reprint or virtual fashion, so to have one in my hands is pretty cool.  i assume that the background is supposed to be some part of a stadium, but to me it seems more like the 'l' in chicago or some ancient roman aqueduct, had they made their aqueducts of metal.  this was the card i targeted a while back that was sold with about 17 other cards from the 1950's, including that 1953 bowman color gil hodges i posted a couple of weeks back.

anyway, adding the '53 jackie to my collection means that i now have a complete topps run of jackie's cards from his playing days.  let's run through them, shall we?

1952 topps
1953 topps
1954 topps
1955 topps
and 1956 topps
that is some fantastic cardboard, if i do say so myself.


JediJeff said...


Just damn. Me sooooooo jealous.

Brian said...

That's awesome! Going for Leaf next?

The Junior Junkie said...

Wow. Those are fantastic.

Can I have them?

night owl said...

Uh ... I've got two of those.

BobWalkthePlank said...

Wow....just Wow!

Greg Zakwin said...

Holy sweet Jesus.

Just...damn. DAAAAAMN!

Well done!

Mark Hoyle said...

Damn. That's sweet. Great cards