27 March 2015

quien es mas macho?

within the 1992 topps stadium club set, there exists both this todd benzinger card
and this goose gossage card
the balance of mustache power is maintained - as weak as benzinger's is, the goose's is strong.  el ganso es mas macho!


Bru said...

Two things: first, is this/can this be a running theme?

Second, the Benzinger is eerily similar to Lincecum's 'stache in 2015 Heritage. Don't read that last sentence too fast.

gcrl said...

marc, i've done something like this a couple of other times (http://garveyceyrusselllopes.blogspot.com/search?q=mas+macho). i'm always on the lookout for a good pairing to ask the question: quien es mas macho?