24 July 2014

my steve garvey collection - the oddball binder part 1

i hope you are ready for some steve garvey overload over the next few months.  my plan is to show all of the garvey goodness that i keep in a few different binders - from the oddballs to the rookies and everything in between.  i'm starting with the oddball binder, which does not contain all of the oddballs.  this binder hosts most of the oddly sized items, but has no hostess or kellogg's or ralston purina cards in it.  instead, it has things like this number 6, signed by garvey himself
that was an impulse purchase several years ago.  i told you, i am a sucker for the red number.

here's an 8.5 x 11 team issue print from the mid 1970's
it offers a nice view of dodger stadium in the background and steve's familiar batting stance pose.

here's a similar team issue from later in the decade
this one is an 8 x 10 and has the black ink facsimile autograph - that's why i think it came later than the first one i showed with the white ink facsimile auto.  there are other players from earlier dodger rosters who have similar sheet with white ink autos.

1982 union oil volpe portrait
these prints were issued in 1982, and were available at unocal stations throughout southern california.  volpe had created similar prints for the team in the 1960's, but these were the first that i ever saw.  my dad was sure to fill up at the local 76 station in 1982, at least whenever i was with him.  here's the back of garvey's print, with all kinds of good information.
i have some more union oil commissioned sheets that feature the garv from 1984, but i'll show those in a different post

this is the 1,104th consecutive game stadium giveaway
from 9/30/82 - one of garvey's last games as a dodger.  in fact, it was garvey's last home game in dodger blue.  here's the back
he was 3 for 3 in his dodger stadium swan song, and even drew a walk that night (although it was an intentional pass) as the dodgers beat the braves.

1992 trak auto dodger all-star stamps
i showed this stamp sheet during the all-star break.  the full sheet is in my garvey binder because i don't have a loose version of the 1977 stamp, the only one upon which garvey appears.

more 8.5 x 11 sheets coming up.

1992 upper deck heroes of baseball sheet commemorating the gcrl infield
the concept of the infield as a unit is sometimes abstract, but these guys played together for a long time. sure, bill russell missed a large chunk of the 1975 season, but for the most part they were together for those 1300-plus games.

i categorize this next one as another 1992 upper deck heroes of baseball sheet, even though it has the all-star fanfest logo on it instead
it's signed by hall of famers larry doby and rollie fingers as well as garvey.  i don't know if unsigned versions exist, to be honest.  unfortunately, upper deck didn't include garvey in the 54-card set they printed for the 1992 fanfest in san diego.

upper deck continued its heroes of baseball series into 1994.  here's the sheet they issued for what was essentially an old-timer's all-star game in 1994, featuring some pittsburgh pirate legends, as well as reggie jackson and garvey
ah yes, the familiar garvey stretch.  many a pair of pants were split by kids in socal trying to mimic that stretch.

2000 nabisco all-stars sheet
i believe that this was a promo sheet for the cards that were individually inserted into nabisco products in 2000.  i bought my garvey card on ebay - i couldn't take the chance of buying oreos only to find a card of dot richardson.

also courtesy of ebay, here is a 2001 dodger scorecard featuring some nice artwork of garvey
the interior is unscored, in case you are wondering.

now we get into some autographed stuff.  here's a 1978 team schedule signed twice by my favorite first baseman, although one of the autos is endorsed 'to sharon'.  the front features the entire roster, including the coaching staff, of the team of my youth
here's the back that features the home schedule, giveaways, and other pertinent information
i believe we got these in the mail every spring, assuming we had ordered tickets the previous year.  yes, we used to buy tickets through the mail.

now for some signed 8 x 10 photos.

garvey as a dodger, with the dual flap helmet
and as a padre wearing a single flap helmet
another as a padre, oddly posed and signed
this one is not a photo - it's a ron mahoney print that garvey signed
i have some unsigned 8 x 10's in the binder as well.  have a look.
and of course, one of the most famous photos in which garvey appears is also in the binder.  this is the picture of pete rose at first base after getting career hit 4192
it's crazy that garvey was on the field when two of baseball's greatest records were broken - babe ruth's home run record and ty cobb's hit record (although we later learned that cobb only had 4189 hits, not 4191).

famed artist leroy nieman used many athletes as subjects in his artwork, including steve garvey.  i have a poster sized print of his garvey, so the version in the binder is just a printed scan.
there was one of these hanging in a local sports bar that closed recently.  had i known they were closing, i might have tried to get the artwork on the cheap since my poster isn't framed or mounted.

here's another print of a scan.  this is a ron lewis piece
someone provided me with a high-res scan, so i don't actually own a print

i'll finish up this initial trip through the oddball binder with some magazines.  up first is a 1979 baseball update mag with garvey and rose on the cover
this was a preseason mag, with information similar to those old baseball handbooks which were just absolutely the best.

garvey has been on the cover of sports illustrated four times.  i don't actually have a copy of the 1974 world series issue which features a collage of photos (including one of the garv), but i do have his 1975
and 1983

stay tuned for more (lots more) from my steve garvey collection!


steelehere said...

Nice collection. Looking forward to more.

Nick said...

Now THAT is some serious Garvey goodness. I love that your collection even includes his cameos like on the Rose.

Mark Hoyle said...

I have a Sporting News from Oct. 1978 with Garvey on the cover. It's yours if you want it