06 March 2014

turn it davey!

i was happy and disappointed at the same time when i found out that davey lopes made the 2013 topps update postseason hero autograph checklist.  happy that there was a new lopes card coming out, disappointed that it was an auto only, and even more disappointed when i found out it was limited to just 10 copies.  then i found out that the photo topps used has lopes turning a double play!  i missed out on the first one to hit ebay, but won the auction for the second one.
i doubt i will find another one for the double play binder, however.  i give topps high marks for the photo selection - along with the fact that it's nice dp action, they used a photo from 1981 which goes nicely with the text on the back which focuses on the 1981 world series.

here are some other 2013 topps update double play cards that i've neglected to show - brandon phillips
luis valbuena (emerald)
and luis valbuena (gold)
now for some 2013 topps minis - gordon beckham
and danny espinosa
along with dee gordon
now just a couple of regular 2013 topps - robert andino (gold)
alexei ramirez
marco scutaro
and ruben tejada
and now we'll leave the 2013 topps family and see some 2013 bowman.  yeah, still topps family.

bowman chrome prospects luis sardinas
regular 2013 bowman prospects luis sardinas
and 2013 bowman prospects luis sardinas international parallel
he's from venezuela.

i'll finish this double play centered post with a card from the 1985 7-up cubs set.  it's ryne sandberg's card, but bill russell is the star
i wish the dodger middle infielders of my youth were on more cards.


JediJeff said...

I need that mini Beckham for my rainbow. I'm coming over to steal it. :)

Thanks for the updated DP cards - I see a few I am missing from 2013.

Mark Hoyle said...

That lopes card is pretty damn nice

Fuji said...

Didn't realize you collect double play cards too. I did a post last month about them (actually jumping and turning two) and I'm giving them away.

If you're bored, check it out and let me know which ones you need for your collection and they're yours:


The rest I'll ship out to Nick.