11 August 2012

cards that should have been for cards that really were

a long time ago, reader jay answered my call for people wanting custom card images.  over the course of a few months, he requested a number of 1970 topps cards for players - mostly pirates.  in return, he sent me some real cards.  one of my favorite cards that were borne from the images he provided is this 1970 topps tommy davis card that should have been.

davis had a card in the 1970 set, but he was (correctly) listed as an astro (he finished the 1969 season in houston) and featured in an anonymous uniform.  his 1969 topps card listed him as a pilot, but his uniform was again, of course, anonymous.

here are some of the actual cards i received from jay.  from the 1978 tcma the 60's set, jay sent a bunch of dodgers, including sandy koufax
jim lefebvre
and maury wills
i had some of those cards as a kid, but i believe i traded them away for some 'real' topps cards.  jay also sent a 1982 tcma baseball's greatest sluggers card of duke snider that he had gotten signed by the silver fox
along with some other 'baseball's best' cards that were issued by donruss. here's a 1989 donruss baseball's best willie randolph
and a 1990 donruss baseball's best orel hershiser
that is a lot of blue on one card, but i like it.

here are some of the other images i created for jay - mostly pirates like frank bork
former dodger chris cannizzaro
john gelnar
alex grammas
barry houser
johnny jeter
lorenzo lanier
and a couple of george 'doc' medich
dave ricketts and his glasses
former dodger ted savage
'ball four' author jim bouton
and ron clark, who had a hatless card in the 1970 set as an oakland athletic.
thanks for the cards jay!


Anonymous said...

I love those customs!!!!

Did the Tommy Davis photo come from the TCMA 60's set? I hadn't thought about raiding that set for my Pilots collection...

gcrl said...

I'm not sure - jay supplied all the images.