29 June 2009

trade with carl crawford cards

paul at carl crawford cards emailed me recently to let me know he had some 1976 topps cards off my want list. 'nuff said. i pulled some 1973 topps he needed, along with some vida blue and a carl crawford surprise, and the trade was done. here's what i received.

first, an unexpected garvey - 1986 burger king.while i already had this card, i did not have the coupon attachment. nice. i've never had a whopper, by the way.

1976 topps gaylord perry. i remember watching gaylord get his 3000th strikeout on tv with the padres. he looks pretty old here, but he was only 37 at the start of the 1976 season. he looks like he's in his 50's.

bill stein. with the zippered jersey. let's stick with the age thing. how old do you think bill stein was heading into the 1976 season? yup, 29. i would have guessed 49.

brian downing. i knew downing as an angel. his was one of the easier batting stances to mimic. nice dutch boy haircut, too. he looks like he's 25, which was his age at the start of the 1976 season.

randy hundley. todd's dad. todd was almost 34 at the start of the 1976 season. that's a pretty old looking 34 if you ask me. but then again, i'm 38 and probably biased.

thanks paul!

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Penos Cabell said...

The 1970's was a bad decade. The hair and mustaches and all the drugs going around made people look older than they actually were.
Gaylord Perry looks like he should be in a retirement home!