28 January 2009

the lurkers are losing

these kinds of cards give me trouble. as a team collector, i don't know if i should include them in the team set or not. they're a couple of the 1975 topps world series subset, highlighting the 1974 world series played between the a's and the dodgers. most of the subset focuses on the a's, including solo pictures of reggie and rollie, which are easy to leave out of my dodgers team binder.

but these cards, with ron cey lurking behind joe rudi as he rounds third and steve yeager lurking as ray fosse (i think) swings are not as easy to ban from the binder, although ultimately i do not include them. sure, they feature dodgers on cards commemorating games the dodgers played in, but since the a's won the games, i'll pass. the lone dodger win, by the way, is depicted with a shot of joe ferguson returning to the dugout, and that one is in the binder.

**[bonus points to anyone who got the keane reference in the title of this post]


night owl said...

The Cey-Rudi card is the saddest night card I know (future post upcoming).

If I had duplicates of these cards, they actually would go in my Dodger binders. But I don't, so they're in my '75 binder.

I'm guessing on the Keane reference: Johnny Keane, Cardinals manager and '64 pennant race?

tastelikedirt said...

They're in my binder. Let's Go Oakland!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar boat with the 1974 World Series cards. I'm debating whether to get them all to include with my Mets team set.